I'm Dean, a 20 year old guy from South Jersey, USA. This is my art blog where I dump everything I draw. At the moment, I'M NOT ACCEPTING COMMISSIONS, but feel free to look around regardless. I'm always open to suggestions, but I won't accept everything. Collabs and group projects may need prior discussion, but I find them fun, so don't be shy to come by and drop a message about them! Thanks!
Also, please DON'T repost my art. I'm all for reposting with proper credit, but if you're just planning to post my art without any tip of the hat to me or my art blog here, I'd appreciate it if you didn't.
well semester started and when semester starts i hit my sketchbook again and im sorta relieved because now without the convenience of my laptop i can go back to my traditional art. day 1 of sketchbook shenanigans: punk taeyang.
my friend’s character mi young (:
have u accepted ur lord and savior doom dara and doom dada?
ive been working on a bigbang 8th anni drawing and its a lot harder and more time consuming than i thought. after 2 days of embarking on this mission, ive only managed GD and TOP. i scribbled 8 on tops shirt okay im not messing with intricate little sweater designs right now i still have three more people to go, dammit. so, have a wip of my progress.
Anonymous asked:

I just recently followed your blog and ahhhh all those awesome drawings are making me crazy! I love them! Looking forward to seeing more of them. :D and u draw all my fav kpop stars like bigbang and jaejoong. So happy to have found this blog . o>_<o~

thank you! im glad you like my blog and my art, and don’t worry, you’ll definitely see more. thanks again for coming by and i hope you enjoy ur stay! (:

should i just unmask the face of the dude behind this damn blog? tada! i only own one shirt and it’s this one.

anyway, it’s that time of year again where i draw as much as possible and tackle more artistic goals before semester picks up. i’m still working on the development of a store (idek when that’ll open) and most likely will open profiles on other social sites i.e. instagram/twitter and an art Facebook. I hope you all plan to follow me there when links are given. Anyway, better skedaddle and crack down on more drawings and actually meeting those goals! *skedaddles!*

and i wanted to take process pics/wips of my recently submitted gd drawing. tbh idk what possessed me to start stage 1 of drawing the way i do, but, well, there it is. mayhem. pure, unadulterated mayhem.

dont copy my technique—not because i patented it or some crazy shit, but because you’ll bleed tears and misery. grids. stick with grids. i, unfortunately, don’t have grids (unless SAI supports it and idk).

happy birthday to kwon jiyong! i didnt plan to draw anything but i changed my mind a little late in the game. sorry! its 4am now&#8230; i didnt miss the buzz, did i? lol, anyway another year for mr. gd!

i made a lil tower of saviors comic for fun. idk what the games about— i just saw a great opportunity to abuse the light vs dark trope with bigbang. 

finally got around to it! gd in crooked and one of a kind for style practice. 8)

"dean, stop drawing top-" NO
for a friend, piers &amp; ada from re6
jared leto